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Welcome to the website of International DataBases. We are a provider of global telecommunications data, which is typically used within call accounting software, TEM or CRM software, or by VoIP providers. Products include databases of International Numbering Plans, the North America Numbering Plan and telephone tariffs.  Our products serve companies from small professional services firms up through some of the largest companies in the Fortune Global 500.

For product documentation, sample data or a price quotation, please use the information on the Contact Us page.

International DataBases provides...
●  City Code and NPANXX files
 Local Calling Areas
●  Rating Files, especially for PSTN tariffs
 Database content anglicized or in the home country language
 Home country currencies, VAT rates, GMT and Daylight Savings Time data
 Call costing subroutines to jump start your development
 Customized solutions, including contracted or negotiated rate structures
Basic Information

We cover numbering plans, local calling areas, and rates and tariffs, available as standalone databases or packaged together with rating software.

Our products are used in Auditing, Call Accounting, Carrier Billing, LCR (Least Cost Routing), TEM (Telecom Expense Management) and VoIP Billing Applications.





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