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International DataBases was founded in 1991 to provide mission-critical data to telecommunications providers and users in computer-readable form. This information includes numbering plan, rate and tariff information in a variety of formats, often bundled together with the application software needed to use the data.

What makes us different
is that International DataBases is the only participant in the marketplace with a global platform. Rates and tariffs from all the industrialized world were included in the product design, so that the database structure and the process to use the data are identical regardless of the country of origin.

What makes us easy to use
International DataBases endeavors to deliver data together with the software required to use the data - pricing subroutines that accept input data, manipulate the database and return call costs. The combined database and pricing routines can easily be interfaced to any application; a "plug & play" approach to call costing that obviates the need for technical staff to develop and maintain rating software and support staff to answer rating questions.

Basic Information

We cover numbering plans, local calling areas, and rates and tariffs, available as standalone databases or packaged together with rating software.

Our products are used in Auditing, Call Accounting, Carrier Billing, LCR (Least Cost Routing), TEM (Telecom Expense Management) and VoIP Billing Applications.


Custom Services

We also provide several types of custom services to fit your needs.

We can customize the content of your database with negotiated rates, or adapt our costing software to your needs.

To discuss ordering a custom service, please use the information on the Contact Us page.




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