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What is the purpose of the call costing subroutines you provide, for Single Site databases?
To facilitate implementation, we developed sophisticated pricing subroutines that accept call detail data, manipulate our database and return call costs. This represents a "plug and play" approach to call rating that removes the need for our clients to have technical staff to maintain rating software, or support staff to troubleshoot rating questions or problems.
What are some of the key issues in the Global marketplace for Auditing, Call Accounting, Carrier Billing, LCR, TEM or VoIP billing data?
Following is a partial list of these key issues, which largely do not pertain to the North American marketplace: Call Minimum Charges, Call Minimum Durations, Call Setup Charges, Country-Specific Holidays, Discounting, Exact Digit Interpretation, Full Currency Capability, Full destination names, Frequent Time-of-Day changes (up to 8 per day), Multiple carrier rating (when local and in-country carriers are different from the carriers for international traffic), Non-Anglicized Data (data in the language of the home country, important for in-country sales), Non-Standard Weekends (such as Thursday/Friday or Friday/Saturday in Persian Gulf countries), Rating in Fractional Seconds, Precise Local Calling Identification, Pulse Rating, Surcharges, Wireless and Wireline terminations identified and rated correctly and, lastly, VAT.

Exactly what is a 'Single Site' database?
It is a pre-calculated, compact database that provides rating from a single individual point of origination. These products have the rates from an origination point pre-assigned to all possible call destinations, based on distance or rate bands. All a user has to do is look up the call destination by digits dialed, and all the rating information they need is there, ready to use.

What types of Single Site databases do you offer?
Our Enhanced Database has full destination and rating information. It can be customized with contracted or negotiated rate plans. We also offer a Basic Database, with reduced rating at reduced cost, and a Location Database, with precise call jurisdictions identified where the users maintain their own rating.
Basic Information

We cover numbering plans, local calling areas, and rates and tariffs, available as standalone databases or packaged together with rating software.

Our products are used in Auditing, Call Accounting, Carrier Billing, LCR (Least Cost Routing), TEM (Telecom Expense Management) and VoIP Billing Applications.


Custom Services

We also provide several types of custom services to fit your needs.

We can customize the content of your database with negotiated rates, or adapt our costing software to your needs.

To discuss ordering a custom service, please use the information on the Contact Us page.




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