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Our products are designed so that the database structure, and the procedures to use the data, are the same no matter what the country of origin is.  

Applications developed with these products can be ported from one country to another, with no changes to rating software.

For product documentation, sample data or a price quotation, please use the information on the Contact Us page.

Numbering Plan Databases

Databases of the telephone numbering plan correlate a string of digits, representing access digits, area codes, city codes and exchanges, to either a specific geographic location or a special telephone service such as mobile, toll-free or premium-rated. For rating or routing, our numbering plan databases define the public switched telephone network.

Our North America numbering plan databases include all area codes and exchanges in the North American Numbering Plan, including Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean.

Our International Numbering Plan databases cover the dialable world, and enable the identification of any city or mobile phone termination, worldwide.

Rating Databases

Tariff rating databases and software systems enable the cost for service, and the areas covered by services, such as local calling areas, to be determined.

TeleBase-Single Site™ is a pre-calculated telecommunications regulatory database that performs costing of switched traffic to or from a single point of origin. Packaged together with the TeleBase-Single Site™ Coster, a C language call rating system, the user has a fast and accurate way to do call pricing, with low start up costs.

TeleBase-International Single Site™ works in any origination country in the world. Together with its companion rating engine, the TeleBase-International Single Site™ Coster, a C language call rating system, a user of these products can develop one version of an application and market it in any country in the world, without changing the rating modules.

For users with high-volume requirements, TeleBase-World Sites™ is designed for modern technological environments. It has a unified format that allows for call rating anywhere in the world. It's a master database solution that is well suited to today's serious information requirements. A simple relational layout makes the data structure ideal for use in today's database systems. The data design is fully normalized so that a unified structure applies for any country, currency or service worldwide. The product design encompasses all switched, dedicated and hybrid services, local calling area definition and rating, local competition and contracted or customized rates.

Basic Information

We cover numbering plans, local calling areas, and rates and tariffs, available as standalone databases or packaged together with rating software.

Our products are used in Auditing, Call Accounting, Carrier Billing, LCR (Least Cost Routing), TEM (Telecom Expense Management) and VoIP Billing Applications.


Custom Services

We also provide several types of custom services to fit your needs.

We can customize the content of your database with negotiated rates, or adapt our costing software to your needs.

To discuss ordering a custom service, please use the information on the Contact Us page.




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