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Each country has unique rating requirements. Following is a partial list of the types of location data we provide, that can help you bill accurately and dependably.

Rating for all the types of calls described below varies by carrier and service.


Call by Call Prefixes

Freephone Service Prefixes

Geographic Dial Codes

International VPN Prefixes

Internal Network Numbers

Internet Service Prefixes

Mass Calling Prefixes

Mobile Prefixes by Carrier

National Subscriber Numbers

Network Service Prefixes

Personal Number Service Prefixes

Premium Rate Service Prefixes

Test Numbers

VoIP Prefixes


All (multiple) methods of dialling local calls

Geographic Dial Codes

Domestic Mobile

Domestic and International Operator Dialling

Local Mobile

Service Numbers


Directory Assistance Prefixes ('dq' rate steps)

Internet Service Prefixes ('i' rate steps)

Multimedia Prefixes ('mm' rate steps)

Paging Prefixes ('ff' rate steps)

Personal Number Prefixes ('pn' rate steps)

Premium Service Prefixes ('g', 'p' and 'ff' rate steps)

Special Service Prefixes (g and ff rate steps)

Also: All Geographic Charge Codes, Free Calls, IDA Codes, Local Rate Prefixes, Mobile Prefixes by Carrier, National Rate Prefixes and WiFi Prefixes 

Global Mobile Record Counts

We are now tracking over 100,000 global mobile prefixes, with new prefixes  being added in each update.


In Country Record Counts

Here are some statistics on the number of prefixes now being tracked within representative countries:

Germany: 457, 465

Mexico: 56, 806

United Kingdom: 43, 728

To discuss ordering or obtain more information, please use the information on the Contact Us page.




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