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International DataBases provides data that integrates seamlessly into your RAMPS rating system. The type of data we provide includes:

Location Data

Local Calling Data

Rate Plan Construction

Location Data

Proper rating entails determining, from the dialled digits of a call, the call destination and jurisdiction.

Why is this important? For the purposes of bill presentation, customers need to know exactly where they called; city name and country, or the name of the service, such as toll free. For rating purposes, certain classes of calls, including non-geographic, mobile and premium, have high costs, and need to be identified so that your company is not absorbing the costs for these calls.

For each country you are based in, we will provide the full in-country numbering plan: landline calls (local, regional and national), mobile calls (with the mobile carrier), premium calls (for rating or blocking), non-geographic calls, toll free calls, partially toll-free calls, directory assistance and special codes. This will enable you to classify and rate your in-country traffic exactly.

For international destinations, we will provide all high-level country codes and all global mobile prefixes. Global mobile prefixes include the carrier, for correct rating. We will provide landline international prefixes if needed by your rate plan. We will include all international premium services so that these calls can be rated or blocked.

Data can be localized into any language.

Sample call jurisdictions can be viewed for the U.K., Mexico and Germany at this link.

Local Calling Data

Even in the VoIP world special consideration is given to the local call jurisdiction. Sometimes this is done for the purposes of bill presentation or traffic aggregation, but in many countries local calls still receive special treatment in rating. 

International DataBases will set up your local calling area prefixes and update them on a regular basis, all within the constraints of the RAMPS data formats.

Rate Plans

International DataBases can construct your rate plan for you in the RAMPS format, including local calling and any other type of telephony transaction. This will include setting up your rate plans, calendar files and rates; all imported automatically into RAMPS.

Global Mobile Record Counts

We are now tracking over 100,000 global mobile prefixes, with new prefixes  being added in each update.


In Country Record Counts

Here are some statistics on the number of prefixes now being tracked within representative countries:

Germany: 457, 465

Mexico: 56, 806

United Kingdom: 43, 728

To discuss ordering or obtain more information, please use the information on the Contact Us page.




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